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Want More Gangstar Vegas Gameplays / Walkthroughs? :

Another Gangstar Vegas DLC Story Walkthrough (Devil’s Due):

Devil’s Due Story Walkthrough:

– Speak of the Devil –
Track Down the mysterious stranger. (Episode 1)
– Invisible Man –
The Devil’s got a job for you. Time to punch the clock.
(Episode 2)
– Founding Father –
(Episode 3)
– Charmed, I’m Sure – Locked (Coming Soon)
(Episode 4)
– The King – Locked (Coming Soon)
(Episode 5)
– To The Moon And Back – Locked (Coming Soon)
(Episode 6)
– Last Soul Standing – Locked (Coming Soon)
(Episode 7)

Gangstar Vegas Full Alien Story (Classified Missions) Walkthrough →

The following link above contains the Gangstar Vegas DLC / Update (Gangstar vs. Aliens) →
Something Amiss
Trojan Horse
Making The Man
Belly Of The Beast
Leaf On The Wind
Get Off My Lawn

This part is optional; I found this application after making the video. You download free apps on the App Store try it for 30 seconds go back to the app and earn FREE GIFT CARDS like iTunes which can be used to buy music or Gangstar Vegas VIP or G money: (You will get points using my code! )

What’s New in Version 2.1.0
When the devil hits the campaign trail, no soul is safe! Hit up the next hot chapter in the Devil’s Due storyline and prevent the Big Atomic Apocalypse by launching smaller loose nukes!

• Hell on Earth: Drop the bomb with the most powerful weapon ever — the Los Alamos Nuclear Launcher!
• New Story Mission: See what happens when one smooth talker turns the whole city against you!
• New Repeatable Mission: Viva la revolución! Take down wave after wave of despicable dictators and their minions.
• Local Leaderboards: Ruthlessly dominate among your neighbors, classmates, and everyone else in your area.
• Holy Rollers: Ride high in the Atomic Ambassador, Hypno Ox and Wave Chaser.
• Big Dictator: Hustle with an iron fist in the Tyrant’s costume set and car.
• Moment of Silence: Hang a new Iron Curtain with the Radio Silencer, a new supersonic blaster.


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