How to Install & Setup KODI on iPhone/iPad iOS 10 (NO JAILBREAK 2017) | Watch Live TV, Movies Free!


How to Install & Setup KODI on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch on iOS 9, 10, 10.1, 10.2 (NO JAILBREAK) – Watch Live TV, Movies, PPV on iPhone/iPad w/ KODI (2017 Tutorial)

Cydia Impactor:
KODI ipa:
KODI deb (for jailbroken devices):

STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS (via @SalamyCake aka Angelita):
1: Go to the description below and download “Cydia Impactor” and the KODI 16.1 ipa file
2: Once both of these are installed, plug in your device
3: Open up the Cydia Impactor and drag the KODI 16.1 ipa file over the interface (as shown in the video)
4: You will then be prompted with a Apple ID sign-in box. This is 100% safe and is a way to show you are signing the application.
Note: If you have a REGULAR apple ID account you will need to repeat this process every 7 days. Please keep this in mind if you would like to continue.
Those who have a developer account will not have to repeat these steps. This will last one year for those who have this account.

5: Wait a few minutes until KODI is on your device.

6: There you go! KODI should now be on your device.

Getting KODI on your jailbroken device (This will be permanent, meaning it will stay once downloaded and you will not have to do the computer steps above. If you wish to delete KODI from your jailrbroken device, go back into Cydia and remove it):

1: Make sure iFile is installed
2: Please go to this link on your jailbroken device:
Once here, scroll down to the Apple sign that says “IOS jailbroken” and click the “.deb file” (this can be found right under the penguin that represents “Linux.”
3: You will be brought up to a blank page and DO NOT exit out. ***KODI is actually downloading in the background***
Note: This may take a while depending on your internet speed, so please be patient.
4: Then you will see “open in iFile” click on that and then iFile will load up and “Installer” will appear.
5: Once “Installer” appears, tap on it then the deb file will start downloading on your device.
Note: If there is an “error” that appears, check out the rest of the descriptions below for a solution.
6: Click on “done.” For those who do not see the KODI icon on your screen, keep on reading:
-Go to Cydia and download a new tweak that requires a re-spring. (This can be any tweak as long as a re-spring follows).
Note: If this does not work, please pay attention to the other sources in the description for assistance.
7: There you go! The KODI icon should appear on your screen!

Let us have some fun with KODI:
Change KODI to resemble the desktop which most of us are familiar with. To do this, go to Setting → Appearance → Skin → Confluence → Tap “yes” and then press the “x” button.

Now, let us add three amazing add-ons to get the best live streams, videos, etc.

Go to File Manager → Add Source → Click on “None” to add the source.

Note: When typing in the source, it is VERY important to have the “http” in there or it WILL not work.

Type in:

Press “okay” and go to the homescreen by pressing the homescreen button.

Now, we will go to System (the actual word) → Add-ons → Install from Zip File → Find the Fusion file and tap on it → Then tap on Kodi Repos → English → Scroll down until you find Exodus 1.0.1 add-on File → Wait for it to say add-on enabled → then tap on install from repository → Exodus repository → Video add-ons → Exodus → Install → then it will install the add-on. Remember to wait until it says the add-on has been enabled.

Repeat these same steps for Phoenix and VidTime, which are referred to as “xbmchub 1.0.6” and “vinman JFV”

Now, let us check out all three of these add-ons. Go to homescreen → Videos → add-ons → and you will see all three of the add-ons. Tap on each one to see what they offer!

How to fix provision.cpp:150 error:

For other Impactor issues, make sure to:
1. Try another port
2. Make sure iTunes is installed & your device is trusted for that computer
3. Try another computer

KODI Setup (KODI addons/builds):
Source used:

Addons used:
1. Exodus
2. Phoenix
3. VidTime

How to fix iFile installer buffer error: This is due to not having enough space to install KODI. You need to install ‘stashing’ from Coolstar’s repo ( & also delete a few themes to gain some space back.

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  1. Hey mate I keep adding that fusion for the source but every time I hit ok I get message saying saying.. ',couldn't retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network. I did everything. Can you please help me out with this ☹️. Thank you.

  2. HEY BRANDON Thanks for the video!!    I'm new to kodi so I don't know much    —   when I add vinmanJSV repo there is no video add-ons, JUST add-on repository & program add-ons,   so what do I do now so I can get VidTime???    iPhone 7+ IOS 10.2 non-jailbroken

  3. thats the complicated way of adding the addons just add indigo and it gives u all the best addons thank me later. you can find indigo by going on start-here then its gonna say add on enabled then after that go on videos then click get more addons then click indigo then click config hub wizard then its gonna install all your addons

  4. I was trying to download again since I don't have a developer account and I received an email from apple that my certificate has been revoked.  what does this mean? The installation doenst look like it went through

  5. Do you have to have a developer account enabled to get this to work? I am getting this error provision.cpp:62
    _assert(response.head["content-type"] == "text/x-xml-plist")

  6. AWESOME MAN! works GREAT! and have been wanting Kodi on the phone for the longest time…good video you have made..but like you said every 7 days have to reinstall but thats all worth it for a free app and a non-jailbroken iphone, cheers!